Achieving A Rapid Return On Investment Through Digital Work Instructions


Date: Thursday, January 19, 2023
Time: 2:00 PM Eastern Standard Time
Duration: 1 hour

Industry 4.0 provides many opportunities for improvement, from robotics & automation to artificial intelligence, machine learning and more. But one pillar, the Connected Worker, provides opportunities for a rapid return on investment that are simply unattainable through any other method.

Sometimes called a low hanging fruit, Digital Work Instructions and Connected Worker platforms help companies increase shop floor productivity without the massive overhead of capital equipment or drawn-out software implementations.

Join Spero Zervos, Customer Success Manager at VKS for a 1hr webinar on January 19th at 2pm ET. We’ll be showcasing different use cases where companies have achieved significant increases in productivity, improved quality performance, reductions in training time, and more, by focusing on the most important part of their business: their people.

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Spero Zervos
Customer Success Manager, VKS

Spero Zervos is a customer success manager at VKS. After spending 8 years in the US ARMY as a UH-60 crew chief and door gunner, Spero worked for L-3 and LSI as an Aviation mechanic. He then started his life in the manufacturing world as a technical writer creating processes for fabrication, machining, assembly, and painting processes. He became a quality advocate and business process auditor and then joined VKS becoming the customer success manager and implementer for companies all around the world.

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