10 Ways to Increase Safety Without Sacrificing Productivity

Safety is key in any modern manufacturing environment. You don't just owe it to your workers; you also have to consider various rules and regulations, set forth by OSHA and other agencies, that govern the way you run your daily operations.

Chances are you already know that. After all, safety has become an increasingly commonplace daily check for most plant managers and process engineers. If you are in charge of safety at your facility, it's not even a question.

That's why this article is not about the importance of safety in your job. Instead, it's about making sure that you don't fall into the false choice between safety and productivity.Too often, the two concepts are seen as being at odds. To be safe, you have to slow down operations. To increase efficiency, safety becomes less of a priority. In fact, that's far from the case. Instead, consider these 10 ways to increase safety in your facility without sacrificing productivity.

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