Recyclable Castrol® Techniclean™ XBC metalworking cleaning fluid

While most modern metalworking cleaning fluids are effective at removing light neat oils, soluble oil coolants and particulates, they often have difficulties in separating certain metalworking fluid components from the wash bath. Once soil loading reaches a critical level contaminated cleaning fluid needs to be replaced. As a result, both water and cleaning fluid use is increased and higher waste disposal costs inevitably follow.

Castrol® Techniclean™ XBC is different. In addition to its excellent demulsifying performance that allows easy skimming and a long bath life it is also designed to have high levels of compatibility with Castrol® Alusol® and Hysol® XBB cutting fluids. This means that, rather than being disposed of at the end of its useful cleaning life, it can be recycled into the cutting fluid system without compromising performance. This helps to cut water consumption and to reduce or even completely eliminate used cleaning fluid disposal costs.

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